Why Empower - Be The Change?


Empower seeks to return this freedom and choice back to the individual.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Simply, Empowered individuals achieve more and inspire others to do the same.

Empowering individuals & communities to achieve more

Through cultural, social and religious exposure we are conditioned to think and behave in a particular way.  Often the focus is on quick

wins, being the most successful, having more and following the 'correct path'. 

We all have a choice, but the freedom to exercise this is often constrained by our conditioning. Doing what society expects
us to do ​often

​results in an incredible pressure to be something we are not.  

We may burn ourselves out in the pursuit of success and happiness all in the name of convention.

To empower individuals and communities to achieve more through the delivery of services that directly address issues of poverty,

community cohesion, well-being and in addition, increase access and attainment across all aspects of learning. 

In partnership with a range of local and national organisations, Empower works with individuals to improve their soft skills and increase 

confidence, motivation, independence and self-management. 

We have created bespoke programmes to help individuals gain relevant employability skills and experience through accredited training, 

​volunteering and mentoring.