"Coaching has helped me to think differently when dealing with situations within the workplace.

  Helped me to identify the skills I already have and find the support in seeking solutions to improve them.

Given me the support and guidance to recognise how I can use my skills to develop myself into my future career.

Jo has helped give me the motivation I needed and given me a positive outlook on being able to achieve my

                          goals within my personal and work life."                                      

                                                                                                                            Public Sector Employee

"The way Jo 

questions and interacts with you definitely leads you to become more productive & focused."

Coaching & Mentoring


"​I was quite surprised how every time I speak about my social enterprise to Jo, about various issues, especially during the
start up, I find the answers myself. 

​ I think it comes from Jo's years of experience of mentoring.  She can make a person self analyse which helps with logical thinking. Sometimes
​the questions are quite challenging but if I think it out, it makes sense. 

I would say my social enterprise has grown in a progressive way and Jo definitely has her share in it."

​                                                                                                                              Founder & Director of start up social enterprise


The modern world is a fast paced, hectic, noisy place where we often have little time to reflect on where we are going and what we want.  Even less time to put these dreams into action.  In a society that is obsessed with quick wins, status symbols and celebrity endorsement we can all to easily become caught up in doing what we perceive is the right thing rather than pursuing our own paths.

Our 1-1 coaching sessions bring the focus back to you.  Focusing on your skills, your ideas and your aspirations. 

Through objective active listening we will guide you to better understand factors that are influencing your current life choices.  
We do not judge these or seek to advise alternatives.

Simply support you to understand their context and work through the options available to you to enable you to make positive change.


Our mentoring program provides professionals from corporate, public and third sector organisations with direct support and guidance to help make informed, considered business decisions.  

Whether a sole trader or managing large teams we can provide tailored support to enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence to sustain and grow your business.  

Through active listening we will guide you to make appropriate decisions based on your current circumstances. 

Calling on our extensive experience across a range of sectors we can also advise and connect you with companies and individuals that can support you to achieve your goals.

​"The support I received through the 1-1 coaching sessions has given me the confidence, direction and a clearer outlook within my current job role"