Mentor Program

Suitable for individuals 16 years or older.  

Our Mentor Program aims to help individuals ​gain key employability skills & experience in leadership & mentoring, through accredited training, coaching & volunteering.​​

"I feel more confident now and that I am able to offer my services to the local groups in the community."​​

Volunteer to Employment participant

Suitable for individuals 15 years or older
Our Volunteer to Employment program aims to help individuals ​gain key employability skills and experience through accredited training, mentoring and volunteering.​​

International Volunteer

Suitable for individuals 18 years or older.  

Providing high quality intercultural learning & personal development opportunities for volunteers.
​Delivering lasting positive change for local communities. ​

Our bespoke programs help individuals gain key employability skills and experience through accredited training, mentoring and volunteering.  

Our programs enhance individual confidence, motivation, leadership skills and resilience through a program of guided personal development and skills training. 

Resulting in better skilled, better qualified, confident empowered individuals.

Our programs have been designed to complement existing personal, education and professional commitments

and dovetail local and national service delivery.​ 

Our Programs

Volunteer to Employment