Jo is the Founder and Managing Director of Empower - Be The Change.  Her mission is to create a dynamic company that empowers people through positive change.  

In 2013 after working in the public sector for 10 years in a senior role at Sports Wales, Jo took a 12 month sabbatical.  Starting as a volunteer with a major volunteer company before moving to Tirunelveli to work directly with a local Indian social enterprise, Silo India.  In this role Jo supported Silo India with business planning, performance management and marketing, in addition to establishing a partnership with UK Social Enterprise Vi-Ability.

In her role of Operations Manager for Vi-Ability, Jo set up, delivered and managed an international volunteer program in partnership with Silo India from scratch.  

Following this he undertook consultancy work with the Welsh Development Agency and Charity Aids Foundation before taking up the appointment in AVOW.

Skills include, governance, HR, finance, IT and ‘getting the best out of people’.

Sunish has played several leadership roles ranging from Media & PR and Consulting to Social Entrepreneurship & Impact sectors over the last 20 years. He began his career in Merchant Banking, but soon moved to PR contributing to two large PR projects with impacts on communities in Central India. He moved on to represent the British Government's Trade & Investment department in Central India, promoting business partnerships and technology transfer in Agri Business and Automotive sectors.

​Sunish held leadership positions in Consulting for UK Govt in India, first in Central India and then in Bangalore, South India, driving trade as well as inward and outward investments between UK and India. Before moving on, Sunish was sector leader for technology and entrepreneurship (ICT, ESD and High-tech High-growth Entrepreneurship) for UK Govt in India.

Jo Clay  Founder & Managing Director

John Gallanders Director (Voluntary)

Lucy has a wealth of experience living and working in developing countries, working as a TEFL teacher in Cambodia for 2 years and taking opportunities to travel extensively across Asia.   

Lucy is passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and experience as a director of Empower to create products and services that enable more people to achieve their goals.

Skills include, charitable fund raising, community development, sports coaching and motivating individuals to achieve their goals.

Lucy came to Empower as an international volunteer to support Empower work in India.  During her placement Lucy re-discovered her passion for sport coaching, community development and working with young people.  In recognition of her hard work, motivation and commitment Lucy was awarded WCVA "Wales International Volunteer of the Year" award.

Now qualified to UKCC level 2, Lucy works as a self-employed tennis coach delivering tennis lessons at a number of clubs across Wales and North West England.  Lucy's ambition is to create stronger links between clubs in the UK and Asia to create opportunities for young sportsmen and women to connect, share and exchange cultural values.  

Lucy Humble   Director (Voluntary)

Sunish Jauhari   Director (Voluntary)​

Our Team

In 2015 Jo combined her skills, knowledge and passion to set up Empower - Be The Change.

Skills include; people development, volunteering, long term planning, performance management and cultural exchange.

Sunish moved 100% to the social impact sector in 2011, working with Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, helping scaling the affordable housing program through hybrid models. He has played various leadership roles since then, including leading fundraising and strategic resources, leading operations in South Asia covering India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and recently moving to the India Leader role. 

Sunish is passionate about reducing road deaths and injuries in India and founded Concern for Road and Pedestrian Safety (CoRPS), a non-profit trust in Bangalore in 2013.  The trust focuses on resolving black-spots by introducing safe-road designs and implementing them by bringing together citizens, experts, civic agencies and elected representatives. CoRPS has plans to run campaigns to ensure that there is state-level road safety authorities in place, and also contributing to driving license reforms in India.​​

John is Chief Officer of AVOW – Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (CVC) and a Trustee/Director of Calon FM, Wrexham Warehouse Project and a committee member of the St. Giles PCC and WOFF.

John has extensive knowledge of the Third Sector locally, regionally and nationally and is the North Wales representative of the CVCs in meetings with the Welsh Government.

Trained as a Youth and Community worker spending a number of years in the Gloucester area before coming ‘home’ to Wrexham to take over a family business creating a flagship convenience store that won the Retailer of the Year Award.